Robert S. Nemeth is an artist.

Primarily a figure painter and draftsman, I try to look honestly at the world around me, at moments in time. By blending real and the surreal to capture both our purity and our trepidations, I explore a subtlety of mood, feeling and gesture using a diversity of media. With a sensual uncomforting presence, often my images will hint at a narrative to make a connection or a contradiction to the audience's humanity.

A Philadelphia based artist, I am a Graduate of Temple university's Tyler School of Art. I have contributed work for editorial articles, fantsy art, and comic books. My art has been realized through poetry books, album covers, role playing games, and even tattoo flash. I have had the privilege of participating in local exhibitions, alone and with other local artists, and also have work in several personal collections. For a short while I worked as a private drawing instructor.

Art has been a vehicle for me to broaden my own horizons, as well as those of others. Luck has found me in my travels. I have met and worked with many creative people. As an artist, I'll continue to follow the line.